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Starting, 14 Feb,   MS-LAQ-301, MS-LAQ-302 and LAQ5063OL Studies will be locked for any change in RDC for 2 week, access will be available for "READ ONLY" and "Approval/Verification" only, if any question or question please contact RDC Support at : » read more

RDC & STAR Service Center E-mail address was changed. The new address is :  or  Sorry for the inconvenience   » read more

Due to planned change within TEVA SSL infrastructure the old links will be replaced with a new one: on 01.05.2015. We recommend to start using the new link In order to verify that all the systems will work properly. For any additional information or in case of any problem, please contact RDC & STAR service center at » read more

Please be informed that Teva RDC & STAR Service Center (Ness) working hours are Sunday-Friday : 08:00AM-00:00AM (IL Time, GMT+2) » read more

Due to Teva password policy changes, the minimal number of characters, for Active Directory Account (SSL VPN)  passwords , was changed from 7 to 8. The change will not apply for OC, RDC and STAR passwords The change will apply only from the next password change or once a new Active Directory Account will be created. » read more

New RDC Service Center support feature. » read more

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